Welcome to Italian Village. We were once a restaurant loved and cherished throughout Pennsylvania having opened our doors way back in 1981. As a family business, we continued serving the society without delectable selection of pastas, pizzas and bakery products. Unfortunately, we shut down a few years back but in an attempt to keep the memories alive, we maintain this website as a tribute to what our dad began.’


What is The Italian Village?

We are the Abbiati family and our passion for Italian cuisine was what we introduced with the Italian Village. We were known for our selection of pastas and unique Italian authentic pizzas. We made our own sauce, our own mixes and even our own pastas! Everything was made right at the restaurant and that brought us loyal customers. Unfortunately, the downturn in economy during the early 2000s forced us to gradually reduce our operations and finally we decided to shut shop and sell off the premises along with all appliances to a competitor.

Come browse through our pages and posts to find out on authentic Italian cuisine. Next time you visit an Italian restaurant you can ask for real Sicily cuisine or Torino culinary experiments.